Albrecht Dürer

“How did the marriage between the art of Dürer and the excellence of Pojer e Sandri come about?”

The artist and Val di Cembra

There are several reasons linking the company’s history to this famous artist who is often referred to as the greatest exponent of the German Renaissance. At the time, due to the continual flooding of the Adige river, the roads were always at high altitude and on his way to Venice (the current European E5 route) Dürer has the opportunity to pass through Faedo and stop in the area photographing Trentino landscapes with his watercolours.

Dürer’s works

The Dürers’s works have become a matter of study for our labels. We dreamed of a wine that speaks of purity and we were able to find the right garment for a genuine, innovative and autochthonous product”

Fiorentino Sandri

A unique character

The character used in the labels comes from the famous engraving of the bagpipe player to a whole series of watercolours and the graphic study of the characters designed by Dürer. A unique character to narrate that dream…of that dream from which it all began.

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