Between Passion and Innovation

A journey in the key of Pojer and Sandri

Study trips

Visits to wineries and vineyards in all wine-growing regions, taking technical solutions or ideas for new products from each one, interpreting them and optimizing them in an absolutely Trento ‘s key.

1978:  Classic method and Cuvée

The attempt to produce the first classic method from refined perlage begins in 1978. After a few years, the first Cuvée ‘83-‘84 makes its market debut, initially vinified in stainless steel and today completely fermented in wood.

1979:  The first with Chardonnay

“We were hungry for innovation and we were among the first nationwide to market Chardonnay (1979) which was virtually unknown until then. At regional level instead, we were among the first to create a sensation with production of Sauvignon blanc

Mario Pojer

In the 8Os:  the two “Faye”

At the beginning of the ’80s, French barriques (an absolute novelty for Trentino) make their first appearance in the company, creating the first cuvée, so here are the two Faye White and Red and the two Besler: White and Red.

1985:  a revolution: “Essenzia”

Essenzia, was to arrive later, a sweet wine made for the first time in 1985 and which has revolutionised the panorama of sweet wines in Italy. A Nordic style linked to high acidity, low alcohol content (9°-10°) and absolute fragrance.

2002: winemaking in reduction and press with nitrogen recovery.

The battle against oxidation is important because it preserves the typicality, preserves the aromas and also the natural antioxidants of the grapes, allowing then a drastic reduction in the use of antioxidants such as sulfur and ascorbic acid. The international patent BUCHER INERTYS was born.

2004: “Merlino”

It is 2004 when  Merlino arrives on the scene. A product which, almost by magic, unites the two realities: the winery and the distillery. A partially fermented “fortified” Lagrein must from DIVINO , the company brandy aged for over 14 years. Produced for the first time in 1986, it was the first Italian brandy for which the entire supply chain was directly covered by a single “hand”. From the Vineyard to the Glass.

2007:  the grape spa

“washing reduces the load of spontaneous yeasts, but those that remain on the skin in a must without more chemical contaminants multiply much faster and fermentations are on average faster than those that occur with musts from unwashed grapes”.

Mario Pojer

Always a unique distillary 

From the very beginning, the winery has always accompanied the distillery, which was one of the first in Trentino to produce single varietal grappas and then to extend the range to other fruit distillates with a regional origin. Also in this case the core principle is purity. A distillate that fully reflects its origin must focus strongly on respect of the raw material and the characteristic native note. The only external added “ingredient” is, in fact, water which is used to lower the alcohol content in the post-distillation phase (close to 70°-75°).


Every new process and experimentation is always born with the support of scientific collaborations with research institutes, mainly with the Edmund Mach Foundation, which is based just a few kilometers from the company. “To make experimentation you need a serious scientific support, chatter if you already hear too many, but in order to affirm that you have found and tested new techniques and solutions it is better to be sure of what you say and only science can give this security”.

Mario pojer

2013: Zero Infinito

A project was born with “Zero treatments in the countryside, Zero sulphurous, Zero freeze-dried commercial yeasts, Zero clarifiers, Zero filtrations, Zero antioxidants”. Discover the Zero Infinito.



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