In the Distillery

The quality of the product, a trip on the distillery of Pojer e Sandri

“Grappa is a serious thing. It’s like Pizza and Pasta: Grappa described Italy in the world”

Mario Pojer

Quality, Selection, Technology and Timing

1. Quality, Selection, Technology, Timing: in transforming the marc, fruit and wine into a distillate that fully reflects the origin, perfumes and aromas.

Raw material

2. Raw Material: strictly regional. Part of which produced by the company: marc, quince, currants, elderberries, fowler’s sorb and wine.

Grape seed removal

3. Purity: a distillate that fully reflects the origin and is proposed at 45°-48° alcohol content, following the history and tradition that distinguish the Dolomites. The only external added “ingredient” is, in fact, water which is used to lower the alcohol content in the post-distillation phase (close to 70°-75°). Spring water (Surgiva) that flows from a granite rock (Adamello) which is very poor in mineral salts and ideal for diluting distillates.

The separation of the vinaccioli

After a long experience gained in a Zadra model bain-marie system and after frequent visits to “fellow” distillers in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and France, design of the current distillation plant began in 1992, combining the bain-marie method with some devices making it possible to achieve the key objective: purity and absolute cleanness of the final distillate. The process of separating the grape pips from the marcs helps to improve the quality of the grappa.

Automation and electronic temperature control permit optimising the repetitiveness of the process without incurring human errors. An anti-foam cyclone makes it possible to work without added surfactants on raw materials that tend to foam during distillation.


A Carrara marble (calcium carbonate) filter permits fixing the sulphur produced by yeasts during fermentation. Fractional condensation succeeds in reducing the content of acetic aldehyde (green grass smell).

Quality born step by step and cannot be improvised

The combination of all these innovations, the quality of the marc (pressed in the absence of oxygen) and the very tight schedule for transforming the raw material into the distillate, make it possible to obtain extraordinary grappas.

In the vinegar factory, discovering our vinegar
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