In The wine Cellar

From harvest to production, a trip to the wine cellar of Pojer e Sandri

we have always looked ahead, reorienting that Dream at every step, pointing at the summit and aiming at progress, which have then happened or towards which we are still working. At every moment we have always wanted to improve and customise the product, minimising exogenous additions, such as sulphur and bentonite, completely abolishing enzymes, clarifiers, gum arabic or any other substance in contrast with our desire for purity”

Mario Pojer

The Harvest

Each bunch is selected on the plant by expert eyes, hand-picked and collected in special bins and cooled.

Grape washing

It then benefits from an exclusive cleaning treatment, conceived and designed in-house. A system of washing and hydro-massaging of bunches, using a tub with a “Jacuzzi” effect. The cleaner the grapes are, the purer the wines will be and retain the characteristics of the territory.

Every detail is decisive

By using nitrogen and carbon dioxide (inert gases) the oxygen present at a level of 20-21% in the atmosphere is avoided. The must then ferments either in steel, or in small oak barrels or in vats. Controlled atmosphere environments, innovative technologies and skilled use of wood.

“The dream from which we started

translated for us into a clear path of innovation and excellence. Now, after years of intense work, at a qualitative level our wines are more aromatic, more fragrant, more typical and characterising, more sapid and, above all, not bitter, due to the absence of oxidised polyphenols and the reduction of sulphate content given a lower use of sulphur”


Mario Pojer

In the distillery, to the discovery our grappas
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