Il Sogno

1975, due giovani, due ettari, poche risorse, qualche idea, molto coraggio, un sogno.

Pioneers in heroic viticolture

Produce a quality wine from the vineyards between Valle dell’Adige and Valle di Cembra, to be specific on the hill of Faedo – a hill which, according to many, was not particularly dedicated to vine cultivation. One day achieving a wine where chemistry is not allowed, where everything must follow a logical thread towards purity. Absolute Purity.

“In a sea of ​​Schiava grapes,

cultivated in Faedo and sold to Alto-Adige to produce ‘Lago di Caldaro’, we focused on wines that are almost revolutionary for the time being: Schiava and Vin dei Molini vinified in rosé … fresh, fragrant , perfumed and with low alcohol content, contrast with a wine, ‘Lago di Caldaro’, which is often dull, flat and even sweetish, sweet, with warm and often oxidised notes, that were nauseating an increasingly demanding consumer eager for novelty”

Fiorentino Sandri

Day after day, harvest after harverst

These two wines were then followed by a Müller Thurgau of exceptional fragrance and finesse, and a native variety such as Nosiola.

Tra Passione e Innovazione, un viaggio in chiave di Pojer e Sandri


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