The Territory

“Wine is the song of the earth towards the sky”
Luigi Veronelli

Grumes – Maso Rella

From the mountain to the vine. Trentino, a natural cameo between dolomitic cornices, lakes, climatic identities and mountain wine-growing areas that are truly sublime and unique. These features and the geographical location, rich in climatic facets, characterise the fingerprint identity linked to the territory, where the wines are decisive and of great sensorial impact.

Production chain

Earth, work, people and passion.

From the earth to the table. The vinified grapes are born and grow in vineyards owned by the company for the most part. Mountain vineyards where nature marks the rhythm of the seasons and imprints its soul in the wines. Each vineyard row is an expression of profound respect for the environment and of the continual contact of man with the earth.


“Faedo is a sort of watershed in the history of Trentino. One of those places with ancient perfumes, yearning for those who once wanted to control the passage between north and south”

Attilio Scienza

The long solar irradiation of the vineyards, the type of terrain and Ora del Garda, which ensures a mild ventilation during hot summer days, give this place an extraordinary uniqueness and make it extraordinarily suited to viticulture.

Although the appearance looks like that of a classic conoid, the current morphology of the area is not due exclusively to alluvial action but also to the landslide process that originated in the interglacial period. Landslide accumulations which occurred in successive periods were then conveyed and deposited further downstream by Rio Faedo until modelling the current conoid. And so we find a basal area consisting of mixed, mainly dolomitic debris on a silty substratum, with a median part characterised instead by soils that evolve from red siltstones and the highest part composed mainly of dolomite and sandstone.

Most of our Classics are born in Faedo: from Nosiola to Traminer, from Müller to Pinot Noir, from Sauvignon to Vin dei Molini and also our two most important reserves: Bianco Faye and Rosso Faye.

Cembra: Maso Besleri

When man manages to dominate nature.

One of the most characteristic and recognisable landscapes is the right mountain slope of Valle di Cembra. The dry-stone walls testify to how the work of man has tamed sometimes impossible slopes, an indelible signature of the “heroic agriculture” note.

The porphyry: the “Red Gold” of the valley gives the wines particular minerality and fragrance.

Val Bona, a valley running perpendicular to Valle di Cembra. Maso Besleri, reparcelling of about 9 hectares. It is here that part of the company’s varietal landscape is located. From Pinot Noir to Chardonnay, from Sauvignon to Riesling, from Incrocio Manzoni to Traminer, from Zweigelt to Franconia. Varieties partly vinified individually and partly used for Besler Biank and Besler Ross.

Grumes: Maso Rella

Ground Zero for the chase to the Infinite. Grumes. End of Val di Cembra. 850 m altitude. Among perched villages and dry stone wall terraces, the unmistakable feature of a landscape shaped by centuries of hard work and love for the mountains.

Maso Rella. Reparcelling protected by a 50-hectare forest. Between 400 and 900 m above sea level. Mountainous. Fresh morning air from the Marmolada. Mild afternoon air from Lake Garda. This is where Project Zero was born.


“Transforming Nature, it is nothing other than making the elements move in a circle”

Arnaldo da Villanova

Respect and enhancement of the natural fertility of the land have become the essential principles over time. Rigorous rules and sustainable methods calling for the total elimination of herbicides, acarides and synthetic pesticides govern management of the countryside and guarantee the natural fertility of the earth and the surrounding environment.

Choice of the Simonit & Sirch pruning method has been fundamental. Through pruning, following and going along with the natural attitude of the vine to branch is the key to ensuring a long and healthy life.

In the wine cellar, discovering our wines
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