Today: Project Zero

“Look at the zero, and you’ll see nothing. Look through the zero and you’ll see the world”
Robert Kaplan

“a place that for me has a special charm, a place where you can breathe an absolute silence: the maximum expression of nature, far from everything and everyone, where only nature, alone, says its”

Fiorentino Sandri

Grumes, ground Zero

Grumes. End of Val di Cembra. 900 m. In the mountains. Fresh morning air from the Marmolada. Mild afternoon air from Garda lake.

Passion and knowledge

Project Zero was born from land abandoned in the ’50s and ’60s. It is a project where interspecific vine shoots take centre stage. Shoots born in Freiburg (Germany) through crossbreeding (pollination) between Vitis Silvestre (Labrusca – Amurensis) e Vitis Vinifera (European). The distinctive feature of these varieties is their remarkable resistance to fungal diseases, given by “woodland” blood, and their olfactory and gustative pleasantness, due to the prevalence of European varieties in the crossbreeding.

“Zero Infinito”

“A fragrant, refreshing, slightly aromatic product with great drinkability. Slightly sparkling and with depth”

Mario Pojer

Nature offers us a unique and natural wine


Carafe-decanted for those who prefer it limpid or even “shaken before use” for those who love the rustic peasant version. In the first case, the deposit that remains in the bottle is ideal for an extremely natural risotto “with depth”. Organic acids and yeasts, but above all the creamy tartar (the salt of the wine) bring sapidity to the dish without using cooking salt.

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